US: Thousands march across the US for LGBTQ pride – and against Donald Trump

This year’s Pride parades are more than just a symbol of support for the LGBT community: They are centres of opposition to President Donald Trump.

In Washington DC, hundreds marched in an inaugural “Equality March for Unity and Pride”. The march drew inspiration from the hugely popular Women’s March, organised in protest of Mr Trump’s inauguration.

Dozens of cities across the US planned sister equality marches for the same day. 

"We are here to stand and be counted," Washington march participant Daniel Dunlop told the BBC. "There's a growing hostile rhetoric from the White House and we don't like the point of direction."

Across the country in Los Angeles, organisers turned their annual Pride parade into a “Resist March,” where participants carried signs reading “Make America Gay Again,” and “Gay, undocumented and unafraid”.

Thousands turned up to protest the President on the streets of Hollywood and West Hollywood. Marchers even covered the former reality star’s spot on the Hollywood walk of fame with Pride stickers. Read more via the Independent