Australia: Family Council of WA warn LGBTQIA rights infringe on religious freedom

A federal inquiry into freedom of religion in Australia has been issued a submission that warns religious freedom is being stifled by the rise of LGBTQIA+ rights, euthanasia and abortion laws.

Family Council of WA, which represents a number of groups, have submitted a list of what they describe as “major concerns” regarding proposed laws across the country.

The submission directly mentions Premier Mark McGowan’s commitment to continue funding the Safe Schools anti-bullying program when federal funding is exhausted, purporting that it pressures students into “accepting homosexuality as normal.”

The submission also argues that state support of the Safe Schools program are in breach of provisions outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

The Public Health Association of Australia have also submitted a report to the same federal inquiry, arguing that this discussion “must acknowledge the tensions that exist between religion and the rights of women, female children and people of diverse gender and sexuality.” Read more via Out in Perth