Why I Create Bisexual Comics

Throughout 2014 and 2015, I wrote my true, personal dating stories as they happened and collected two fifty page comics called Bisexual Trials and Errors: Issues 1 and 2. I wrote about the time I thought I’d met the perfect artsy life partner fourty minutes into our first date, only to be crushed twenty minutes later in that same date; the time I attempted to hook up with a guy who looked like my ex boyfriend only to have a panic attack in the back seat of his car; the times I went to the Lexington Club, now closed, and met generations of queer family. I sold the comics at events like San Francisco Zine Fest, spoke about them at conventions like Queers & Comics, and developed relationships with awesome bookstores like Mission: Comics & Art and City Lights Bookstore. I wasn’t succeeding romantically yet, but queers of all stripes were emailing me to say they were going through an equally awkward struggle to fully realize themselves.

I also created an eighty-page book called We Belong: Collected Stories and Portraits of the Lexington Club. Queer spaces where the community can physically show up and be together are slipping away, and I wanted to help my favorite bar be remembered.

I am forever grateful to the wonderful lesbians, bi women, trans folks, and nonbinary folks who helped me create that project by sharing their stories with me and allowing me to capture their portraits.

Now I’m working on a 200 page compilation called The Big Book of Bisexual Trials and Errors with Northwest Press, an amazing publisher that focuses just on queer comics.  Read more via HuffPost


That moment when I saw a picture of myself performing at a live storytelling show called The Moth and realized my body is not actually my “biggest problem”, but rather beautiful and powerful.