US: #Pride30: Teen Designer Dillon Eisman ‘Upcycles’ Used Clothes for LGBTQ Youth

Dillon Eisman is "upcycling" used clothing items, turning them into fashionable pieces and donating them to underprivileged youth in Los Angeles.

The rising high school senior came up with the idea, which he has turned into a non-profit organization called Sew Swag, after visiting the Los Angeles LGBT Center a few years back.

“Seeing people who are my age who are not accepted and basically being kicked out of their families because they’re gay was just so heartbreaking,” Eisman told NBC Out.

While touring the center, Eisman learned one of the its largest needs was clothes for homeless LGBTQ youth. He decided to use his love for fashion to help.

“I know as a gay person, dressing to your identity is so important,” he said. ”What you wear plays such a big role in how you view yourself and how you want others to view you, so I just think it’s a really important thing that these kids really needed.” Read more via NBC