US: Trump White House has not declared an LGBT Pride Month this June

The White House is looking a little colorless this June. For the past eight years, former President Barack Obama declared June to be LGBT Pride Month. According to the 2016 announcement, he made the declaration on May 31. As of Friday, that puts Trump two days behind Obama's schedule.

LGBT Pride Month began in June 1999 as "Gay and Lesbian Pride Month," declared by then-President Bill Clinton. After the initial declaration, President George W. Bush, who rallied against marriage equality, did not continue the tradition. Obama's White House declared June to be LGBT Pride Month every year of his presidency, from 2009 to 2016.

In a statement circulating on Twitter, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi honored LGBT Pride Month while also highlighting some of the ways in which Trump's White House has slighted the LGBTQ community, including proposing cuts to HIV prevention and treatmentdeclining to count LGBTQ people in the census and rescinding Obama's Title IX directive telling schools to allow transgender students to use the restroom of their choice. Read more via Mic