UK: People on effective HIV treatment can’t pass the virus on… so stop blocking me on apps!

Last year, the pioneering PARTNER study showed that if you have an undetectable viral load, not only are you healthy and well, you can’t pass on HIV.

Today, that is the biggest reason I want to, and will, remain undetectable.

When you explain the science behind the fact that people on effective treatment can’t pass on HIV, people often ask ‘how big was the study then?’ Like they think it was three people in London for two months – some sort of Mickey Mouse study.

But no, it was a landmark study, the biggest of its kind and a total game-changer.

The PARTNER study looked at 58,000 instances of sex without a condom between couples where one was undetectable and one was HIV negative. It found zero HIV transmissions – zero, out of 58,000. But sadly, people aren’t always interested in the details of the research methodology.

Undetectable HIV

The findings of the study have been life-changing. For me, life is a lot easier being undetectable and knowing I am therefore uninfectious. I feel a lot more secure having an intimate relationship with someone. But still there are loads of relationships and friendships that never even get started, just because people don’t this fact.

I’ve experienced stigma and rejection countless times, and today a new survey from Terrence Higgins Trust showed us the stark reality, in numbers, of this stigma. Nearly 40% of the public would be uncomfortable going on a date with someone on effective HIV treatment.

This figure is lower for gay adults, but still 14% of gay adults would be uncomfortable going on a date with someone who is on effective HIV treatment, and 22% of bisexual respondents would be uncomfortable.

There is no reason to fear or avoid anyone living with HIV who is on effective medication. We must let people know this, especially here in our LGBT community. Read more via Gay Star News