Canada: Transgender Canadian parent Kori Doty wins case to allow child to be given unassigned gender

Kori Doty is determined to allow eight-month-old Searyl to determine gender on their own terms when they are older.

Authorities have refused to issue a birth certificate but allowed a healthcare card to be marked with 'U' instead of the traditional 'M' or 'F' in the gender category.

Doty, who identifies as neither male nor female in gender, said the decision was something they and others had been campaigning for some time. "I wanted to be able to hold the space for my kid to explore who they were without all of the baggage that comes with the boy box and girl box. 

While Doty said the decision was momentous, it was the first step in a larger push.

"I've been involved with a case which is going through the Human Rights Tribunal here in DC with eight other folks and also an organisation that represents all trans people in DC," Doty said. Read more via ABC