UK: Piers Morgan quizzed about his testicles in spat with non-binary Good Morning Britain guest

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan was quizzed about his testicles on national TV, after he wouldn’t stop asking a non-binary guest about their genitals.

Piers Morgan and Susana Reid had been interviewing Kori Doty, a Canadian non-binary parent. Doty, of British Columbia, has been in the news over their battle to exclude new baby Searyl’s biological sex from their birth certificate, so that the tot can make up their own mind about gender when they are older.

But the Good Morning Britain interview went off track, as Piers Morgan started asking about Kori’s own gender identity. 

The host, who has had repeated spats with transgender people on the programme, asked Kori if they were “born male or female”.

Doty hit back: “Piers, I’ve seen your interviews, I know you’ve gotten in trouble for asking these questions before and you know this isn’t the right way to ask them.”

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