The 11 LGBT-inclusive children’s books every parent needs to buy

Thankfully, we’ve now reached a point in history where there are not just LGBT-friendly books for you, but also for your young children.

Cuddle up and enjoy these wonderful pieces of illustrated literature with the little ones.

1. This Day in June


There is no better place to start your child’s educational journey than with this joyous celebration of pride and unity.

As well as displaying all the best which the community has to offer, this book is also full of facts and advice about how to discuss sexual orientations and gender identities with children of different ages. It’s fun for everyone – and a priceless lesson for your kid.


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2. If I Had 100 Mummies



Written and illustrated by the enormously talented Vanda Carter, this book sees its main character wondering what the benefits and drawbacks of having 100 mothers would be – and eventually (spoiler alert) deciding the two she has are just fine.

The normal, uninteresting aspect of the girl’s life is that she has two mothers, which is refreshing.

Carter said she created the book because “one day at bedtime, my daughter said: ‘I wish I had a hundred mummies,’” and the personal connection between author and audience shines through.

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