UK: Welsh teen crowned UK's first trans prom queen

A teenager has told of the “best moment of her life” when she was crowned as the UK’s first ever transgender school prom queen.

Inspirational Lori Beynon, 16, was born Luis but started transitioning two years ago after confessing her true identity to her mum in a text message. The bubbly fashion lover now wears a skirt to secondary school and is about to start hormone treatment. But the glamorous teen was astonished when her classmates at Cardigan Secondary School voted her to be this year’s Prom Queen at their end of school dance. It is believed it’s the first time a transgender person has been crowned prom king or queen in the UK.

Lori, from Cardigan, Wales, she said knew she was a girl from age three, and loved wearing big sister Chloe’s clothes and playing with their Bratz dolls.

But when she started school she realised the “outside didn’t match the inside” and started researching online aged ten to put a name to her feelings. Brave Lori explained: “I’ve always wanted to dress like a girl and present myself as a girl. Read more via SWNS