Germany: Thousands dance through Berlin to promote gay and lesbian rights

Tens of thousands of people marched through Berlin for the annual Gay Pride parade on Saturday, just weeks after Germany's parliament legalised same-sex marriage.

This year's march had as its official theme the fight against the far right.

But most of those taking part appeared to be celebrating the landmark law which will come into effect in October.

Some posters and placards denounced leaders regarded as homophobic, such as Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump.

Many marchers wore colourful costumes ranging from camp to comic to explicitly erotic. Some wore virtually nothing at all, despite the heavy showers that marked the start of the parade.

As the march passed Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, one young Hungarian named Marco, could scarcely contain his delight at the new law.

"In Germany everyone now has the right to marry, even gays and lesbians!" he said, elated.

"We are fighting for that in our country," he said. "It is an inspiration for us in Hungary."

But Matheus, a young German marching beside him, said: "With marriage for all, we have really moved forward, but there is still plenty of daily discrimination which is unacceptable.

"There still a lot to do, we have to stay visible, stay present and that is why we demonstrate, so there is even more equality." Read more via AFP