Israel: Thousands at LGBT rally against anti-gay adoption stance

Thousands of protesters took to the street in Tel Aviv near the military headquarters to express their dismay at the government's answer to the High Court of Justice announcing its opposition to adoption by same-sex couples. 

The government has changed its position on the issue several times. Ahead of the protest, the government requested more time from the High Court to revise its evaluation and provide their decision. 

Television anchor Nadav Borenstein, who emcee'd the rally, said "Me and my partner went around the entire world to try and be parents, and the country that we're citizens of is refusing to accept that our daughters are ours." 

"We pay taxes like straight people, go to the army like straight people, why can't we have kids like straight people?" he continued. 

Zehava Gal-On, the head of Meretz, said "In Israel in 2017, we will not just let homophobia be. So many children are looking for a warm and loving home, and they're finding one just because of a conservative and ignorant government." Read more via Jerusalem Post