Japan: Books teaching elementary school students about LGBTQ issues grab spotlight

A number of books aimed at teaching elementary school children about issues concerning the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community have been published recently in an effort to deepen understanding about sexual minorities in Japan.

Publishers say the books that teach basic knowledge on how "anyone should be able to become happy, as oneself" are not only for those who identify as LGBT, but to educate teachers and children on how to respect others' rights and be accepting of different viewpoints.

"We want children who are not (of the LGBT community) and teachers to also read these books," said one book editor.

Otsuki Shoten Co., a Tokyo-based publisher, released "Watashirashiku, LGBTQ" this year translated from the English titled book "Living Proud! Growing up Lgbtq" by Robert Rodi and Laura Ross. There are a total of four volumes, each sold for 2,160 yen.

Q can mean "questioning" or "queer," an umbrella term non-specific to sexual orientation or gender.

The books explore what it means to be transgender and the personal experiences of people who take steps to transition from the sex they were assigned at birth and "your options when you feel like your physical sex is out of sync with who you are." Read more via Japan Today