US: Trump's Nominees for the Courts Are Horrifying and Dangerous

Damien Schiff, writing about an antibullying program in a Northern California school district, worried it would teach “that homosexual families are the moral equivalent of traditional heterosexual families.” He also once wrote that the U.S. Constitution’s due process clause “likely does not forbid the criminalization of sodomy.”

Amy Coney Barrett has said, “The Constitution does not expressly protect a right to privacy,” and that Catholic judges should put their faith before the law when ruling on abortion and the death penalty.

Readers are now probably wondering who these people are and why they should care. The answer is that they’re among several far-right nominees for federal judgeships put forth by Donald Trump.

Nominees for the U.S. Supreme Court receive plenty of attention from media, activist groups, and concerned citizens, but nominees for lower federal courts get less. But, as Alliance for Justice legal director Dan Goldberg points out, the Supreme Court hears only 80 cases a year, and the bulk of law is made by these lower courts. Read more via Advocate