South Korea: Anti-gay controversy flares up over Constitution revision plan

Conflict over equal rights for sexual minorities is flaring up due to the planned constitutional revision. 

During the presidential election, issues regarding sexual minorities drew attention, and the topic remains a thorny issue that riles up anti-gay sentiment. 

On Thursday, 300 organizations formed a coalition, announcing their opposition to providing equal rights regardless of sexual orientation. 

Made up of some 250 members, the group, whose name translates to people’s coalition against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, said that revising gender-related clauses of the Constitution would being “confusion” to Korean society.  

“We have united here today to stop the parliamentary committee on constitutional reform from changing the law to promote gender equality and different sexual orientations,” said Gil Won-pyeong, a physics professor at Pusan National University and the chief of the group’s establishment committee.

The group takes issue with the special committee on constitutional reform’s plan to revise the Constitution to state that the government has the duty to ensure the equal treatment of everyone regardless of sexual orientation.

The committee’s plans are in line with the National Human Rights Commission’s recommendations made in July.  Read more via Korea Herald