US: This is what anti-LGBTQ housing discrimination looks like

A new study from the Urban Institute shows that housing discrimination against LGBTQ is a very real phenomenon, but it doesn’t always present itself in obvious ways.

Using thousands of testers in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. metropolitan areas, the Urban Institute found that same-sex couples (particularly male couples) and transgender people were generally treated less favorably than similarly situated individuals seeking the same housing. Here are some of results:

  • Housing providers frequently told men in same-sex relationships about one fewer available rental unit than they told men in different-sex relationships.
  • Providers were slightly less likely to even schedule appointments with men in same-sex relationships.
  • When both men or women in a same-sex couple met together with a provider, agents were less likely to tell them about at least one available unit.
  • Men in same-sex relationships were quoted average yearly costs $272 higher than men in different-sex relationships.
  • Transgender people were generally told about fewer units than cisgender testers, regardless of whether they disclosed their gender identity.
  • Providers were less likely to tell transgender people who disclosed they were trans about any available units and told them about fewer units on average. 

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