Australia: op-ed We are already losing the same sex marriage debate

Conal Hanna is Fairfax's Head of Audience and Innovation and earlier this year ran the Political Persona Project.

Have we learnt anything?

By we, I mean globalists. The people who believe in free trade, multiculturalism and climate change. The people who, despite our university degrees, got our arse handed to us in the Brexit poll, then in the US election. Sure, Australians didn't vote in those instances but if you're one of the people whose jaw hit the floor when the results landed then you're likely one of us.

We, as a group, overwhelmingly want to see same sex marriage legalised. But we have to acknowledge that we have been awful at winning public debates lately. And already this one has set out on the wrong foot.

Here's my plea to all of those whom I agree with on this issue. If you assume a position of moral superiority, we will lose.

If you refuse to listen to our opponents, we will lose.

If you allow others to define the terms of this debate, we will lose.

And if you equate disagreeing with us to being, as Hillary Clinton infamously put it, "deplorable", we will lose. Read more via Sydney Morning Herald