US: Trans in the Deep South— Five Stories from Alabama and Mississippi

This summer, the National Center for Transgender Equality partnered with Transilient — a traveling photo, video and interview-based project. The team traveled from coast-to-coast to document the daily lives of transgender and non-binary people all over the nation, with a particular focus on states where lawmakers are trying to push anti-LGBTQ legislation. Welcome to the #SummerofTrans.


During the #SummerofTrans roadtrip’s last couple of legs, we met trans people from all down the Florida coast, as well as some from throughout Georgia. This week, peek into the lives of five trans Alabamians and Mississippians who discussed family, botany, and the inspirational power of Nina Simone.

Deli: Auburn, Alabama

Deli has resided in Alabama for 20 years. Since 2014, they have been building a yoga practice — first at home alone, following a DVD, and then at a studio owned by the wife of one of their college professors. Eventually, they made the difficult decision to quit their career path to train full-time to become a yoga instructor. Read more via Medium