Finland will keep sterilizing trans people after it rejects law reform

The Finnish Government will not make changes recommended by the UN Human Rights Council to reform the ‘Trans Act.’

Rebecca Dallison, Amnesty UK’s Campaigner told Gay Star News:

‘Despite strong international pressure, Finland has decided to reject recommendations from the Universal periodic review in the UN Human Rights Council to reform the Trans Act.

‘Not only has the Finnish Government chosen to turn its back on trans people, but it has also failed to provide any justification for this regressive decision.’ This means trans people will continue to be sterilized if they want to have their gender changed legally.

Sakris Kupila is the 21-year-old medical student leading the fight for trans people to choose their gender identity. They describe this process as a violation: ‘The psychiatric diagnosing process felt like I was handing my dignity, identity, and future over to doctors, nurses and officials that would thoroughly examine me and judge whether or not my sense of self-was real or not’

‘The requirement of sterilization is a violation of bodily integrity.’

Over 16,000 people have signed Kapila’s Amnesty petition calling for change. In a message to supporters of the campaign they spoke of disappointment: ‘I am disappointed. But I am so proud you all stood up with me to give a powerful message to the Prime Minister, Juha Sipilä: that we’re watching, we will not be ignored and we will not stop fighting for trans rights in Finland.’

The UN Human Rights Council has long been recommending the scrapping of the rule. Read more via Gay Star News