US: Somber day at Georgia Tech after violent protests against student killing

Georgia Tech's campus didn't bear any scars Tuesday from a violent night that left a police vehicle torched and three people, at least one of them a student, in handcuffs.

The protest followed a candlelight memorial for Scout Schultz, a campus LGBTQ activist who was killed by police late Saturday.

About 20 minutes after a vigil for Schultz ended on Monday night, a group of about 50 people began marching toward police headquarters, roughly a 10-minute walk from the Kessler Campanile.

They chanted, "This is not OK" and "Justice now," before setting off fireworks, according to witnesses. One person jumped on the hood of a police car and smashed its windshield, said doctoral student Xincheng Shen, who attended the vigil.

Video posted to social media showed police handcuffing people, while protesters -- some of them covering their faces in bandannas -- confronted them. Other footage shows a police officer trying to extinguish a police SUV that's ablaze.

Georgia Tech student Scout Schultz, president of an LGBTQ group, was killed by campus police Saturday.

Family members described Schultz, a fourth-year studying computer engineering, as an excellent student. The president of the Georgia Tech Pride Alliance, Schultz identified as nonbinary and intersex, preferring the pronouns "they" and "them," and could often be found on campus promoting LGBT rights and causes.

On Tuesday, details were continuing to paint a picture of what led a campus officer -- identified by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation as Tyler Beck -- to shoot Schultz.

The GBI revealed it was Schultz who called police to the area, reporting an intoxicated white man possibly armed with a gun. A student began recording as police confronted Schultz outside a parking garage.

In the cell phone video, police can be heard repeatedly yelling at the 21-year-old to put down the knife and not to move. "Shoot me!" Schultz responds.

"Nobody wants to hurt you," says one officer. Another asks, "What's going on, man?"

Schultz appears to pause, then take three steps forward. Beck appears to fire once. Schultz screams and hits the ground. The student was reported dead at a hospital.

Three suicide notes were found in the student's dorm room. No gun was found at the scene and, despite initial claims from campus police that Schultz had a knife, the GBI said the only knife found at the scene was inside a multipurpose tool.

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