Philippines: Roman to push for civil unions, gender recognition after SOGIE Bill passage

After the success of the anti-discrimination bill at the House of Representatives, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Filipinos can look forward to House efforts on civil unions, gender recognition, and admission to the military.

However, first transgender congresswoman Geraldine Roman told CNN Philippines' The Source she will take these efforts one at a time.

"In the fight for LGBT rights, there has to be [strategy] and sequencing," said Roman.

"First we start with the anti-discrimination bill, then we proceed to civil partnerships, whether same sex or otherwise, then we go to gender recognition, then we can go to LGBT in the military," she added.

Roman says tackling policies in that order is common in countries where the LGBT community are recognized.

"It's always that order — you start with a law that encompasses or summarizes and gives the justification for LGBT rights, then after a period of good experience with that law, you proceed to another," she said. Read more via CNN