Pakistan: Two transgender women allegedly gang-raped while two others are brutally beaten

Two transgender women have allegedly been gang-raped in their own home, with two other trans women left brutally beaten.

A group of five men reportedly broke into a house rented by a group of trans women in Karachi, Pakistan. When the women refused to entertain them, the men subjected them to physical and sexual abuse, according to activist organisation Trans Action Pakistan.

A provincial coordinator for the Sindh Transgender Network, Ihsan Ali, told news outlet Dawn that two of the trans women were gang-raped by five men.

Three of the alleged attackers have been identified, while the others remain unknown. Incidents such as this are still common in the socially conservative Muslim nation, despite attempts earlier this month to bring forward a bill which aims to protect trans people.

Ali accused the police of being negligent in investigating the case. Read more via PinkNews