Egypt: Two arrested for waving flag released on bail

Two people arrested in Egypt for waving a rainbow flag at a music concert have been released on bail.

In September last year, the waving of a rainbow flag at a music concert was extensively derided in the press – leading to a dramatic crackdown.  Two of the people arrested at the time, Sarah Hegazy, 28, and Ahmed Alaa, 21, have been fined and released, according to a lawyer from the Arabic Network for Human Rights.

The lawyer, Amr Mohamed, said the pair were each fined 2,000 Egyptian pounds, around $113. According to tweets from the Network, it is not clear when the trial may resume. The pair were two of dozens arrested amid an anti-LGBT crackdown in Egypt last year.

They were photographed at a concert on 22 September by Mashrou’ Leila which saw 30,000 fans turn out. A small number of concert-goers held up a rainbow flag at the Lebanese band’s performance. Read more via Pink News