Joint paper from 19 Member States for an EU LGBTI strategy

Today, 19 EU member states signed a common paper prepared by the Maltese government, calling for continued efforts within the EU to ensure full protection of LGBTI rights. The paper called on the next European Commission to ensure strong follow-up of the current EC LGBTI list of actions and adopt a coherent EU LGBTI strategy.

The signatory countries of the paper are Malta, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Greece, UK, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, and Cyprus.

In the EPSCO Council debate this afternoon, the signatory member states showed an immediate commitment to ensure that the EU lives up to obligations to protect LGBTI rights, refusing to accept to adopt Council Conclusions regarding “gender equality, youth and digitalization”, from which the Austrian Presidency had deleted a reference to LGBTIQ people on the request of Poland and Hungary. Read more via ILGA