Egypt: Two suspected of organizing concert for homosexuals released

On Monday, the prosecutor of Imbaba and Kerdasa in Giza ordered the release of a security guard and a student who were arrested on Saturday over charges of organizing a concert allegedly to be attended solely by homosexuals in the Giza district of Kerdasa, and for spreading “debauchery”.

According to the police claim, the student rented a large closed-off space to hold the concert for homosexuals, but the suspect said during the interrogation that his company rented the venue to film an advertisement for his company.

The venue’s security guard said during interrogation that the venue is mostly used as a shooting site for ads or TV series. The prosecutor ordered the release of the suspects due to the lack of evidence.

In September 2017, a crackdown was imposed against LGBT individuals in Egypt, with dozens arrested after a rainbow flag was waved at a Mashrou Leila concert in Cairo.  Read more via Egypt Independent