Australia: The transgender teenager who helped change Australia

Trans woman Georgie Stone's young life has been marked by firsts and achievements. Notably, the 17-year-old Australian led a high-profile petition to end a "discriminatory" legal barrier. Gary Nunn reports from Sydney. The successful campaign by Georgie, and others, affects thousands.

In a landmark ruling in November, it was decided that young transgender people in Australia will no longer have to go through the nation's Family Court to access hormone treatment - a vital stage of transitioning.

It was, Georgie says, "unfair and discriminatory that we had to ask a complete stranger who isn't an expert for treatment that affects our bodies, after we'd already been approved by medical professionals".

Australia was the only country where this step was deemed necessary, yet no application was ever refused. Georgie knows first-hand how "stressful and harmful" this step was; she was one of the last people required to do it.

"It felt weird," she says. "I was powerless - I was 15, and there was someone up there making a very important decision about my body. It was out of my hands, but I knew this was really wrong." Read more via the BBC