UK: Stonewall quits Pride in London

Britain’s biggest LGBT charity has quit Pride in London and accused organisers of failing to represent non-white communities.

Stonewall said the annual pride event had ignored repeated “concerns about the lack of diversity and inclusion”.  Last year the organisation that runs Pride in London denied allegations from its own community advisory board that bosses refused to meet with activists from UK Black Pride.

Stonewall says it will now take a bigger role in UK Black Pride, which traditionally takes place on the same day, as it cites racism as a major ongoing problem among LGBT communities. In a statement the charity said: “We have also made the decision not to attend Pride in London this year.

“We know this is an event that’s important to many in our communities and very much hope to attend in future years. However last year, Pride in London’s Community Advisory Board again raised concerns about the lack of diversity and inclusion at Pride in London – particularly of black and minority ethnic communities." Read more via Pink News