UK: One in four sexual health clinics in England now participating in PrEP trial

More than a quarter of sexual health clinics in England are now enrolling patients at risk of HIV in the pre-exposure prophylaxis trial (PrEP) funded by NHS England.

There are 230 specialised genitourinary medicine (GUM) clinics in England, eligible to recruit patients, and 65 are now accepting people, up from around 35 clinics in November 2017, latest figures from NHS England show.

Most sexual health clinics are expected to take part in the trial, and all participating clinics are expected to be accepting patients by April 2018.

The timing of when clinics join the trial is dependent on the speed at which clinics can get local approval and put systems in place to train staff and capture trial data.

In a statement, NHS England said: “We are currently working with clinics and community groups to ensure everyone has the latest information on the trial and is aware that clinics across the country will be opening soon.” Read more via Pharmaceutical Journal