Nigeria: Sexual health, religion and law for gay Nigerians

NoStringsNG, the Nigerian LGBTIQ media organization, collaborated with Levites Initiative for Freedom and Enlightenment (LIFFE), a community-based organization whose vision is to reconcile sexuality with religion, presented an interactive workshop to educate gay men about their rights, human sexuality, Nigerian law, and how to reconcile religion with their sexuality.

Conversations at the workshop covered health-related issues, such as HIV and the need to use condom as an effective way to reduce the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. It also dealt with other sexuality issues such as coming out, internalized homophobia, effeminophobia (the fear of women, of femininity or of effeminate behavior), as well as the impact of religious abuse toward homosexuals.

The participants were very excited about the workshop and stated that their expectations were greatly met. One of them said: “The workshop was very impacting, LGBTI rights were made clear and plain, and health issues were well explained”

And another said: “It’s educating and soul-saving.” 

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