Canada: Body-image group to help Vancouver queer men

While much attention over the decades has been focused on how body image impacts women, body-acceptance issues have become increasingly prevalent among men.

When it comes to men who have sex with men (MSM), social pressures to aspire to certain body type have an ongoing area of concern that has been countered within LGBT communities by various body-positive movements, such as gay bear culture which arose in the 1970s for men with larger, hirsute bodies.

But tech-developments in our media-saturated society have ramped up the volume of images that individuals are inundated with on a daily basis—which can compound stress upon those suffering from body dysmorphia or eating disorders.

For instance, gay male publications are increasingly sending out clickbait P&A (pecs and abs) tweets or posts on social media in an attempt to garner web hits. Hookup and online dating apps heighten pressure to attract attention all based on one glance. Marketing and gay male porn commonly display very similar body types: muscular, lean, and usually white. Read more via Georgia Straight