Kenya: Gay rights matter, we’re all equal


I was forever blessed when my eldest daughter came into my life 27 years ago. Like many women, I have raised my three children alone, which has not always been easy. As a mother, watching your children find their feet in the world can be both rewarding and difficult. As much as we try to teach them, they must discover their own ways to overcome the challenges that face so many Kenyans today.

Thankfully my daughter has grown to be a funny and hardworking person. She cares deeply for her family, but also for others around her. Growing up, our family’s hardships gave her first-hand experience of the disparities that many poor people still face. This had such a lasting effect on her that she now dedicates herself to giving a voice to the voiceless, including those affected by HIV-Aids and drug addiction.

Yet despite being such a generous, articulate and determined young woman, who spends so much time helping others, Kenyan law dictates that my daughter is a second-class citizen. That is because she happens to love women and not men. Read more via the Star