UK: The transgender arguments dividing society

There have been big advancements in the acceptance of the transgender community in recent years but some divisions over their rights remain.

"If I'd been an ordinary person and I had daughters, I'd think 'what's this? Men coming into the toilets? I don't like the sound of that'," says campaigner Paris Lees, who is transgender.

She supports trans people having increased access to female facilities - such as toilets or changing rooms - but understands some people have legitimate concerns.

She tells the Victoria Derbyshire programme this is because some people do not really understand what is happening or are confused, while other people are playing on ignorance and prejudices and "whipping up fear".

"It is that playing on people's prejudices and [in the same way] there was no evidence that gay people would harm children, or children adopted by same sex couples are any more likely to be in danger," Ms Lees says.

"I think it is really irresponsible whipping up this fear against us based on zero evidence." Read more via BBC