Scotland: Glasgow bursts with the colours of the rainbow

A record number of people, many carrying rainbow flags or holding placards, marched in the Glasgow Pride parade on 14 July.

The parade, which included more than 12,000 people, crossed the river and headed through the city to Kelvingrove Park where the music event was held.

Although many enjoyed the huge LGBT celebration, some were turned away from Kelvingrove Park despite buying tickets, after being told it had reached capacity.   See more via Daily Mail

Pride Glasgow's VIP 'peace offering' blasted following ticket shambles

As reported by the Evening Times previously, organisers were forced to issue an apology following the event this month after hundreds of people who had bought tickets were denied entry and told Kelvingrove Park had reached capacity.

Long queues formed at the venue with tickets seemingly oversold – to which many people took to social media to complain about how they had been waiting for hours with no water in the blistering heat. Some even reported how those waiting passed out in the warm weather.

Organisers have now emailed customers – offering those adversely affected this year with the choice of a refund or VIP weekend tickets to next year's event. 

Blasting the move on Facebook, Scott posted: "The Glasgow Pride 2018 shambles rolls on.

"The response people looking for a refund are finally receiving by email includes more wriggling and squirming and shirking of responsibility.

"Offering VIP tickets for next year's event – something which may not even take place – is nothing short of outrageous.

"That they have to answer questions and provide supporting evidence to get a refund is just shocking.

"And all this done via email – no secure forms to protect your bank details.

"From my understanding of current GDPR legislation this falls far short of required standards and anyone sending personal information including bank details should proceed with caution as this information could be at risk." Read more via Evening Times