AIDS2018: The Complete Video Collection from My Fabulous Disease

Mark S. King blogs at "My Fabulous Disease". He attended the International AIDS Conference held in Amsterdam on July 23-27 and posted daily video reports from the event. 

"I'm is an HIV positive gay man in recovery from drug addiction. What’s not to love?

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One of the great joys of my HIV/AIDS writing and video blogging over the years has been capturing the sights, sounds, and incredible people of the International AIDS Society’s (IAS) biannual conference. I’ve spent sleepless nights in hotel rooms everywhere from Vienna to Durban, furiously editing video footage shot during the day and getting it posted each morning.

Such was the case with AIDS2018 in Amsterdam. My co-producer Theo Tsipiras (a welcome addition to my work beginning in Melbourne in 2014) and I produced nine video reports and three Facebook Lives during the week — more content than I have produced at any previous IAS conference. I’m not complaining. I’m far too inspired and humbled by the people featured in these videos to feel anything but gratitude.

I must express my admiration for my sponsor MPACT (Global Action for Gay Men’s Health and Rights). Their entire team has been amazing. They requested that I focus my lens on “sex positive stories about gay and bisexual men,” and you will certainly see that reflected in the videos below. And this coverage would never have reached such a broad audience without my media partners TheBody and Queerty.

Here is the entire AIDS2018 video collection from My Fabulous Disease (the Facebook Live posts can be viewed on the My Fabulous Disease Facebook page). You are welcome and encouraged to share any and all of these with your friends and networks. Read more via My Fabulous Disease

MPACT (Global Action for Gay Men's Health and Rights) hosted a pre-conference event about gay and bisexual men on July 22, 2018, prior to the official opening of AIDS2018 in Amsterdam. Men from around the world share what it is like to be gay back home.