Trinidad and Tobago: History made with T&T's first Pride Parade

It was a historical first for Trinidad and Tobago as members and supporters of the LGBTQIA community took to the streets for the country's first ever Pride Parade.

The parade, which culminated a month of events held by the Trinidad and Tobago Pride Arts Festival, led hundreds of people bedecked in rainbow colours along Tragarete Road in Port of Spain, ending finally in Rust Street, St, St Clair. 

Committee leader Rudy Hanamji said to LoopTT that the historical event brings hope for true equality and human rights for all citizens. 

Hanamji added that he and others are not fazed by the current opposition from religious groups, who met earlier this year to lobby against same-sex marriage, although LGBTQIA communities have stated that they are not addressing that issue but the issue of the country's sodomy laws.

"While religious leaders tend to hold onto dogmatic principles, what is interesting is that members of the congregation include members of the LGBTQIA community, so together, the following of religious groups are coming out and supporting us. So they will talk to their leaders and inform them and in time, this will be something of the past, and that's why we have to be proud and celebrate," he said. Read more via LoopT&T