UK: Norwich Pride parade creates 'rainbow river'

A 50m-long flag made a "rainbow river" through Norwich as the annual Pride parade made its way through the city.

Norwich Pride - which is in its 10th year - saw an estimated 10,000 people take to the streets in a celebration of the city's LGBT community.

Organiser Michelle Savage described it as an "absolutely gorgeous day in glorious technicolour".

"I feel we've hit the target - emotionally, morally and politically."

"Norwich has come out as a tolerant and diverse city," she added. 

The flag was unfurled above people's heads as the parade - described by Ms Savage as the "emotional highpoint of the day" - made its way from The Forum, through the city to Chapelfield Gardens.

"I'll never forget the shouts from the crowd as the breeze caught the flag - it was like a rainbow river," said Ms Savage. Read more via BBC