Honduras: Congress Approves Ban on LGBTI Adoptions

The Honduran Congress has approved a bill prohibiting same-sex couples from adopting children. Legislators debated and approved modifications to the country’s Adoption Law, which singled out the LGBTI community, in just 15 days.

“It is prohibited to give girls or boys in adoption to marriages or unions formed by people of the same sex,” article 22 of the legislation approved Thursday states.

Doris Gutierrez, a legislator of the Innovation and Democratic Social Unity Party, justified the bill arguing “we haven’t accepted same-sex marriage or unions so we can’t go against that constitutional disposition.”

The LGBTI community rejected the new bill and lamented the persecution against them. “This is nothing new, what they are doing now is regulating adoption, regrettably for the sexual diversity community, we lost the right ten years ago,” LGBTI activist Erick Martinez told EFE. Read more via telesur