Pakistan: Transgender people protest rising violence

PESHAWAR: Two days after the brutal murder of a person who was a transgender in Peshawar, members of the transgender community protested on Monday, demanding security and their rights from the newly elected provincial government.

The Alliance for Transgender and Inter-sex Community (TransAction) Alliance staged a day-long sit-in outside the Peshawar Press Club on Monday.

They claimed that incidents of violence against them and hate crimes perpetrated by the police administration in various districts were on the rise.

Addressing the protest, TransAction Alliance Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) President Farzana Jan said that their community was under attack from different quarters with a loud and clear message: people who are transgender will not tolerate atrocities perpetrated against them.

She said that they have rights and that they will fight for them until the government delivers. She also urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to visit Peshawar, hear their concerns and take stern action against the police personnel who violate their fundamental rights, abuse their power and act beyond their jurisdiction. Read more via Tribune