Kenya: UNHCR Transfers LGBTI Refugees in Kenya to Unsanitary Crowded Conditions

On 11th December thirty LGBTQ refugees were attacked and beaten by Kenyan police while protesting discrimination and the harsh unsafe conditions at Kakuma refugee camp.  We reported that attack in the words of the refugees at: . 

To UNHCR’s credit, they have now moved over 200 refugees from Kakuma to Nairobi on an emergency basis.

However, at this time UNHCR has only been able to come up with a small compound consisting of 11 rooms in total to house over 200 refugees. The current safe shelter is not designed to accommodate 200 people and has only 5 bathrooms all in an unsanitary state. While we understand that this is all that may be available given the emergency transfer, it is hard to imagine that a better more accommodating  plan cannot be made soon.

If this persists it will be clear that UNHCR in Kenya either lacks the resources or has failed to properly apply such resources to accommodate the LGBTI refugees. This must change. The conditions under which the refugees are living at this time are inhumane and untenable and is a set up for further disaster through health hazard and other problems if allowed to persist. Read more via O-blog-dee-o-blog-da