Japan: Nippon Television’s Tanio Toshimi on Being True to Oneself

Tanio Toshimi kicked off her maiden appearance on the nightly program News Zero in October 4, 2018 with the following message: “I’m Tanio Toshimi. While I joined Nippon Television as a man, I’ve spent the last seven years living as a transgender woman and working in NTV’s film division.” 

When Tanio was first approached about appearing on News Zero, she assumed that she would be a guest on a segment about the LGBT community. In fact, though, the News Zero team wanted her to discuss a range of topics in the role of guest commentator. A transgender person had never before appeared on a Japanese news program in such a role, and Tanio says this is what made her decide to say ‘yes’.

“Having worked for many years in a news bureau, I understood the weight and implications attached to the commentator role. I knew that by accepting NTV’s offer I would be taking on a huge responsibility. I also knew that by appearing on the show, I, along with my transgender status, would become public knowledge. I would have faced the consequences of going on the show, whether I liked them or not.

The message Tanio delivered on News Zero showed her resolve. Read more via Nippon