Zambia: IBA orders suspension of Hustle Reality show

The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) has directed Multichoice Zambia to suspend the Lusaka based Hustle Reality Show, aired on Zambezi Magic on the DSTV platform.

The suspension, which has been ordered to be done with immediate effect, has been necessitated following a public outcry, that the Reality Show promotes a lifestyle, contrary to Zambian values and culture.

IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma said the authority has received several concerns from the public, with regards to the show, and as such directed Multichoice Zambia to withdraw it, in public interest.

“Section 24(1) of the IBA (principal) Act,2002 provides that all programmes by a commercial broadcasting service shall, subject to the conditions of a license and regulations of the authority-(a) reflect the culture, character, needs and aspirations of the people in the areas they are licensed to serve,” she said.

Ms Mapoma has urged the producers of local content to produce that which reflects the Zambian culture, as well as take into, the Zambia laws. Read more via Lusaka Times

Religious Affairs wants Lusaka Hustle Show Discontinued, it promotes homosexual lifestyle

Minister of Religious Affairs and National Guidance, Rev Godfridah Sumaili has advised Multichoice Zambia to discontinue a TV reality show called Lusaka Hustler as it promotes immoral behaviour.

Zambezi Magic has responded to the public outrage about the show claiming the show does not promote homosexual lifestyle despite one of the participants who displays gay lifestyle.

But Hon. Sumaili has advised that the show be discontinued because of the immorality it displays.

“This show should stop immediately. Our stand as a Christian nation is clear and the laws of the land speak louder.”

Head of Zambezi Magic, Mr Timothy Okwaro, has responded to comments on social media about the reality show Lusaka Hustle.

Mr Okwaro expressed regret about a social media post, which he says has misrepresented the content of the show.

“Lusaka Hustle is a locally produced reality show which follows the lives of three Zambian celebrities who regularly appear on television. The suggestion that the show advocates or promotes any particular lifestyle is an unfair misrepresentation”. Read more via Lusaka Times