US: Undocumented LGBT ‘Dreamer’ Shares His Story at 4Ward Symposium

Candelario Saldana is a leader who is making strides and causing a few waves at the University of Miami for LGBT lawyers.  Saldana’s mother brought him to America from Mexico when he was one year and nine months old.  

“I didn’t realize I was any different from anybody until I was in middle school- there was school report about what type of career you would like to pursue and we started to have a discussion - I wanted to become a lawyer. I would be able to get my mom out of poverty.”

Saldana didn’t realize he was undocumented until middle school.  He went home to tell his mother that he decided that he would pursue a career in law and then the harsh reality of his undocumented status was revealed to him. 

“Son, sit down, never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your dream however…”  

Then Saldana’s mother informed him that he wouldn’t be able to attend a university, nor travel outside of the United States, and that he wouldn’t be able to do all the things that his friends are going to do because of his undocumented status.  

Upon discovering his status, he decided to reach out to his counselor at school, however they had no idea how to proceed.  He then kept his status hidden until he was a senior in high school where he once again asked a school counselor for help. Read more via South Florida Gay News