Armenia: Statement on Behalf of the Delegation of the European Union and EU Member States Embassies Resident in Armenia

The European Union Delegation and resident EU Member State Embassies are gravely concerned with a number of recent cases where serious threats, including death threats, have been made against minorities and human rights defenders in Armenia. Hate speech, including death threats directed at Ms. Lilit Martirosyan, her colleagues and the LGBTI community as a whole represent the latest in this worrying trend and amount to discrimination prohibited under the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms to which Armenia is party and which is reflected in the Constitution of Armenia. 

The EU calls on all in Armenia who promote and believe in the universality of human rights to condemn hate speech and on law enforcement agencies to take urgent steps to guarantee the physical safety of Armenian citizens and to investigate allegations against those suspected of perpetrating hate crimes. Read more via EEAS