UK: Government says it is "disappointed" as Cayman Islands rejects gay marriage

The government has said it is “disappointed” that the Cayman Islands has rejected gay marriage following a landmark legal ruling.

The Carribean islands had refused to recognise overseas marriages or civil unions between same-sex couples. However last month The Telegraph reported that British Overseas Territories  (BOT’s) could be forced to recognise gay marriages following multiple legal battles by one couple which resulted in a landmark ruling.

Chantelle Day, 32, and her fiancee Vickie Bodden Bush, 44, have been in a relationship since 2012. The couple, who are parents to a young daughter, were denied the right to marry because they lived in the Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory but last month they finally won their case which was hailed as a “victory for equality”.

However it has since emerged that same-sex couples will now ahve to wait a few months longer to discover if they still have the right to marry after the case was sent to the Court of Appeal. Read more via Telegraph