US: Sex Stereotyping, Transgender Status, and a Settlement with the EEOC

Sex stereotyping is a form of sex discrimination.

Sex discrimination violates the law.

That is all.


But, really, this cannot be emphasized enough. One tire company learned this the hard way, i.e., expensively.

Is Transgender Status a Protected Class?

No. Not explicitly under federal law.

Now, as we know (because Eric Meyer has told us here), the Department of Justice has taken the position that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Title VII), the federal employment discrimination law, does not cover discrimination against an individual because of the individual’s gender identity.  Title VII does not provide workplace protection specifically on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity as separate categories. Those terms are not in the federal law. Neither is “sexual harassment.” Just sayin’. Read more via Fisher Broyles