Australia: Coalition Takes Harder Stance Against Conversion Therapy After Morrison Claims ‘no Control’

The Coalition has take a firmer federal stance against conversion therapy just a day after Prime Minister Scott Morrison deferred the issue to the states. Morrison yesterday responded to Labor’s announced policy to ban conversion therapy by saying he would prefer to “focus on the things we actually have control over”.

“I don’t support gay conversion therapy, don’t recommend it, never have but it’s ultimately a matter for the states,” Morrison said. “I think we should focus on the things we actually have control over and that’s taxes. I’m looking to lower taxes.”

The Coalition’s response to Equality Australia’s survey of the major parties on LGBTI issues took a firmer stance against sexual orientation change efforts (SOCE), better known as conversion therapy, than did Morrison.

“As the Prime Minister has said, the Morrison Government does not support LGBTIQ+ conversion therapy,” wrote Liberal Party Federal Director Andrew Hirst in response to the survey. The use of conversion therapy has long been discredited with no scientific or medical evidence to support its use. The Morrison Government remains committed to addressing the mental health of all Australians, including the LGBTI community, and this also relates to opposition to gay conversion therapy. The Government will work with the states, which have legal responsibility in this area, to ensure such practices are not supported or occurring.”

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