Cayman Islands: LGBTI community comes out of its shell

Hundreds of people came out on Sunday to support the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community for the first ever ‘Out of Our Shells’ march in Cayman. In a very peaceful and colourful event after several days of unpleasant attacks from lawmakers aimed at them, the LGBTI community demonstrated they were undeterred in pushing for an end to discrimination and hiding from mainstream society. The event was organised by Colours Cayman, a local advocacy group for LGBTI issues, and was promoted as not just a celebration of the legalisation of same-sex marriage but also as a response to the backlash from politicians.

Officials from Colours said that it was about the LGBTI banding and walking together to be seen. “To remind those few that we are many and that we are proud, to acknowledge our existence and hold our heads high. No longer will we be made invisible,” Colours said in promoting the event on social media.

Until relatively recently the LGBTI community in Cayman has been very much in its shell, but despite the attacks against them from those in power, a new generation is less prepared to stay hidden. The community is becoming increasingly visible, and is seeing much more support from the community in general for that visibility and to end the discrimination and support their rights to equality. Read more via Cayman News Service