UK: Rainbow rally demanding same-sex marriage in NI

The partner of murdered journalist Lyra McKee made a public plea for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland as she addressed a rally of thousands in Belfast.

Sara Canning told the crowds gathered outside City Hall that a law change would be a “win” for everyone in the region.

After being warmly applauded on to the stage, Ms Canning questioned why same-sex couples were treated differently in Northern Ireland than the rest of the UK, where same-sex marriage is legal.

“Equal marriage is not a green or orange issue, a demand of just one side or the other and it shouldn’t be a political football.

We pay our taxes, we are governed by the same laws, we live deeply and we love dearly – why should we not be afforded the same rights in marriage?
— Sara Canning

“Same-sex couples come from every single political, religious, cultural, and racial background. A vote passing on equal marriage would not be a ‘win’ for any one side, it would be a win for all sides.”

Police on the ground estimated that around 7,000 to 8,000 people took part in today’s noisy and colourful protest. Read more via Irish Examiner