US: House votes to block funding for Transgender military ban

The House of Representatives approved an amendment Tuesday night that blocks the Pentagon from using funds to implement President Donald Trump's transgender military ban. But the appropriations bill amendment, which passed the Democratic-controlled House 243-183 largely along party lines, is unlikely to be considered by the Republican-led Senate, which has blocked past efforts in its chamber to reverse the ban.

"The President and his administration wrongfully argue that it's about military readiness and unit cohesion, but these arguments are the same ones that were made to keep the military racially segregated," Rep. Anthony Brown, a Democrat from Maryland who served in the US Army, said Tuesday during House debate. "My service in an integrated armed forces did not harm readiness, and neither does the service of the more than 14,000 transgender soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines."

He went on to argue, "Transgender service members increase lethality, readiness. They have served honorably and have received prestigious commendations."

Rep. Ken Calvert, a California Republican, opposed the amendment, arguing that it "risks undermining the readiness of our military at a time when we can least afford it" and argued that the policy is not a ban on service by transgender individuals.

Nine Republicans joined Democrats in voting for the amendment. Read more via CNN