Australia: Trans birth certificate campaign turns to other states after Victoria passes reform

Campaigners are setting their sights on New South Wales, Western Australia and Queensland after Victoria passed a new law to allow trans and gender-diverse people to change their recorded sex on their birth certificates on Tuesday, following a heated debate.

Despite some reservations from independent members of parliament, the Victorian legislative council overwhelmingly voted in favour of the bill, 26 to 14 on Tuesday night.

Liberals opposed the legislation, with the conservative Liberal MP Bernie Finn stating it would put his daughters in danger . He said the legislation was an “attack on our society”.

“There are two genders. Of the two genders, there is the male – there is homosexual inclination and various paedophilic inclinations, there are a whole range of inclinations, and we could go on with that for quite some time. But in terms of gender, there are only two genders: male and female,” he said. Supporters of the bill denounced such rhetoric as desperate, nonsensical and “extremely hurtful”.

The bill requires the person making the application to make a statutory declaration when nominating the sex to be recorded, and must include a statement from an adult who has known them for 12 months or more who believes the application is being made in good faith and supports the change. Read more via the Guardian